Puuloa.jpg The Island kingdom (queen-dom) of Pu’uloa exists on a world which seems to exude an air of fraternity and non-aggression. The people of the islands are peace-loving and friendly, welcoming of strangers and renowned for their generosity. Pu’uloa is the personal domain of Keaka M’Toa and she spends much of her time here. The islanders are devoted to Keaka, though she has resisted being worshiped and is open with the people of Pu’uloa about her status as a Walker between worlds. With this acceptance of the nature of the universe the islanders treat fellow Walkers with respect and welcome though none are held in the same esteem as Keaka.

Pu’uloa is a place of healing and rejuvenation. The islanders are naturally healthy and long lived as a consequence and many Walkers sojourn in the mansions of Pu’uloa to recuperate their physical or mental injuries. The waters are pure and the weather almost permanently clement.

The islander warriors are purely ceremonial and while many of the men and women of the kingdom train with the traditional Leiomano club no living memory of wars or conflict exist on the island and oral history tells of ancient conflicts but none since the coming of Keaka to Pu’uloa.

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