Writing Style

I am not going to claim to be the grammar police and point out every grammatical or stylistic error that you make. I am not skilled nor trained in this area and neither is grammatical purity the purpose of this game. I want this game to be a safe place where we can all express ourselves and craft a collaborative story which is memorable and enjoyable.

That being said here are some guideline to ensure consistency amongst the players.

Timing and Tense
Be aware of the timing of your posts. Whilst I am not expecting every post within a scene to be immediately sequential in time to the previous post, please make it clear that time has passed. You can do this as part of the text i.e. After five minutes of moderate exertion I reach the brow of the hill and find myself a little out of breath as I take in the newly revealed vista or you can explain OOC using squared brackets e.g. [5 minutes passes].

Be respectful of the other players in the scene and do not jump ahead in the middle of a conservation or action sequence that inconveniences or break with continuity with that other player. In cases where you are not sure if the other actors are finished with a sequence feel free to ask OOC in the usual manner. [Am I free to skip ahead here? Are we done with this conversation?]

Use present tense when writing. This is purely to keep the writing consistent between authors, so I watch as Arthur draws the sword slowly from the stone rather than I watched as Arthur drew the sword from the stone.

Writing Style

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